Women's Platform

Our Women’s Platform brings together women through training and development programme. To contact the Women’s Platform at this time, please send a Whatsapp message to 061 649 6552

Our Objective

Migrant women fight isolation by sharing opportunities and experiences and thereby transforming their lives to become self-sufficient, engaged members of South African society. We are building a multinational network of women that strengthens individuals to enhance economic independence and integration into the broader South African community. Broadly speaking, the Women’s Platform is a network where women can facilitate connections, share knowledge and resources, and access opportunities. Specifically, the Platform offers a variety of practical peer-led trainings. The network is cultivated through two areas of focus; personal development and sector skills training.

Accessing the Women’s Platform

To join the Women’s Platform, please sign up at the reception of the Scalabrini Centre of Cape Town or please send a Whatsapp message to 061 649 6552. We are open Monday-Thursday, 9am–3:30pm.


Special Projects

Six Steps of Women’s Platform

The Women’s Platform has four main objectives, which are reached through a six-stage programme. The four main objectives are:

1. To develop a multinational women’s network that serves as a platform for women to access and share resources for personal skills, and business development.

2. To respond to the network’s needs and interests through hosting workshops that relate to health, human rights, leadership, and preparing for work.

3. To support training in personal and professional development

4. To support training in skills necessary to find employment.

Members Join The Women’s Platform For Twelve Months, In Which They Follow Six Steps:

1. Registration
To register with the Women's Platform, please sign up at reception.
3. Conversation Club
To prepare members of Women’s Platform for the future, it is vital that they have a strong command of English. We reach this goal by collaborating closely with the English School, through a ten-week Conversation Club. This group meets on a weekly basis and engages in conversation practice to grow confident in English language skills.
5. Sector skills training
After completing Personal Development, members of the Women's platform can register for one of five Skills Trainings. These courses are taught by experienced members of the Women's Platform. Each course is R250. Courses are offered in childcare, craft, nails and hospitality.
2. Open workshops and platform meetings
The Women’s Platform offers Wednesday Open Workshops (three per month) on the topics of health, human rights, leadership, and preparing for work. In addition, the program also offers a women's health clinic and a leadership development group.
4. Personal Development
Women who register with the Women's Platform must take part in a Personal Development course. This runs for two days per week for four weeks. It includes topics such as communication, conflict resolution, integration, and professionalism.
6. Mentorship and individualised support
Once a member completes a Sector Skills Training, applications are open for: -Individualised support -Peer mentorship -Advanced leadership training

Volunteer With Womens' Platform

Our volunteers come from all over the world and bring a diverse set of experiences, knowledge and abilities. They support every aspect of Scalabrini’s programmes, from English lessons and administrative support, to outreach and advocacy work.

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