Volunteer Womens Platform

Full Time

Minimum commitment: three months.

Women's Platform Volunteer Overview

The Women’s Platform personal development programme is about connecting women from different countries to foster their personal development and socio-emotional growth.

Tasks may include but not limited to:

Running workshops.
Database maintenance.
Assisting in intake and processing of new women.
Working alongside and assisting the Women's Platform manager.

Skills and attributes needed:

Have studied or have a strong interest in social work, psychology, anthropology, sociology or a related field.
Experience in healing strategies for people with trauma, specifically through movement, breathing, yoga, dance and singing is an advantage, as this comprises a lot of the work that we do.
Ability to multitask and self-manage.
Patient, resilient and reliable.
A joyful person who enjoys working with people and being on a team!


We require a minimum commitment of three months, Monday-Friday from 8am-4.30pm.

Women’s Platform Volunteer

cape town volunteer womens platform lee ann
"The most rewarding part was seeing the women blossom, discover their own voice and then the joy and confidence that grows with that. Personally, being part of such a dedicated team pushed and grew me as a person. I will take back many skills and fond memories from my time at Scalabrini."

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