Volunteer Advocacy

Full Time

Minimum commitment: three months.

Advocacy Volunteer Overview

The Advocacy Programme’s aim is to promote and strengthen the rights and integration of migrants and refugees in South Africa, through providing individual advice, publishing research, raising awareness, and advocating for legislative and policy reform and its proper implementation. We do this through paralegal advice and practical assistance, which is provided to individual clients on a walk-in basis, and through high-level advocacy such as submissions, reports and litigation. Aside from these services, we have various projects, focusing on unaccompanied and separated children, an outreach advocacy project in Bellville and deportation and detention matters. Please read our Programme page (embed link) to get a full understanding of the work that we do.

Tasks may include but not limited to:

Provision of paralegal advice to clients who attend the walk-in advocacy clinic, following a training and shadowing programme on advising clients. This will include advice on documentation, asylum system access, appeal processes, hate crimes and xenophobic incidents, referrals to other organisations, among other topics.
An Advocacy Officer will oversee and support this. Completion of research on relevant topics. This may include assistance in compiling submissions, internal research required by the Advocacy Programme, or other research that may be within your interests, if agreed to by the programme, and the completion of weekly "press reviews" - summaries on refugee and migration-related news items.
Administrative assistance and support. This may include assistance with the upkeep of records and databases.
Participation in stakeholder forums and workshops that are of interest or relevance.
Assistance with other tasks that are necessary for the daily business of the organisation.

Skills and attributes needed:

Academic background in a related area such as Political Sciences, Human Rights, Law, etc.
Previous practical experience in working with refugees/migrants.
Knowledge of refugee law and/or migrant issues.
Proactive engagement and willingness to get involved in Scalabrini’s various activities.
Good communication and administrative skills.
Practical, organised and motivated, with a strong ethical motivation and ability to uphold Scalabrini’s values and confidentiality code.
Fluent English skills are necessary. Knowledge of French, Swahili, Lingala, Somali, Arabic or Portuguese an advantage.
The intern should be highly motivated to learn about issues related to refugees and migration in South Africa and be an independent worker capable of doing their own research.


We require a minimum commitment of three months, Monday-Friday from 8.30am-4.30pm.

Advocacy Volunteer

Jean Louise
"I’ve learned so much. My previous internships haven’t been as hands-on or as full time – at Scalabrini, you’re constantly in it and learning. I’ve gained a lot of professionalism and confidence in this field."

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