Supporting Migrants and Refugees through the Covid-19 crisis

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In response to the growing need, the Scalabrini Centre of Cape Town set up a fundraising drive to support those asylum-seekers, refugees and migrants specifically in need during the nationwide lock-down due to the Covid-19 outbreak.

Whilst provisions have been put in place by the South African government for some of the most vulnerable members of society, much of the Covid-19 relief is not available to the refugees, asylum-seeker and migrant community.

Money raised will go directly to our Welfare Programme who will assist those migrants, asylum-seekers and refugees who are in most desperate need at this time. All donations will receive an A18 certificate on request which makes the donations tax deductible.

If you would like to make other donations such as food and clothes please contact

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We have reached our target, thank you for everyone's support. As we continue to navigate lockdown and what this means for migrants and refugees the more we raise the more families we can assist during this unprecedented time.

Following the #BlackLivesMatter protest movements in early June 2020 after the murder of George Floyd, our Backabuddy campaign received a spike in donations. Thank you to all those who donated, to support refugees and migrants in South Africa whose lives have become increasingly vulnerable following the pandemic. 

We stand in solidarity with movements calling for justice, reformation and an end to systematic police brutality and racism. Last week, the world witnessed the murder of George Floyd by a police officer in the USA. Meanwhile, in South Africa, the number of deaths in SANDF and SAPS custody under lock-down emerged (which is at least 11, and included two members of South Africa’s migrant/refugee community). Both of these acts of police brutality are the latest in an ugly history of brutality and racist oppression.

We stand in solidarity with #Black_Lives_Matter, in a call for justice and for reformation. We support organisations doing important work in trying to achieve reform in the criminal justice and prisons sector. We support the important work of Lawyers For Human Rights, the Detention Justice Forum, and others, in this regard. We also support and acknowledge the grassroots and community organisations doing this work

Here is a summary of our impact so far with the funds raised.

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