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Foreign Professionals Desk

This service offers assistance to foreign professionals who have a three-year, or higher, degree (Undergraduate, Honours and Masters). Specifically, those wanting to have their qualifications recognised by the South African Qualifications Authority (SAQA); be registered with the relevant professional body or to those want to find employment related to their field of expertise. Following a screening process, advice, sponsorship or training could be offered on translating of documents and the application process with SAQA. Artisans wanting to complete their Trade Tests with the various SETAs are also assisted.

Foreign Matriculants who wish to enter tertiary education in South Africa, are also given non-financial assistance to ensure that the SAQA application process is completed properly. FPD works closely with clients to develop their professional reputation and offers intensive job application guidance and training support.

SAQA Application Process

1. Document Check
2. Translation
3. Certified (English and French) Copies
4. Online Application
5. Payment
6. Postage

What must be submitted to SAQA:

A complete paper application pack must be posted or delivered to SAQA. Applicants are encouraged to deliver applications to SAQA in person, or by courier, to ensure there are no postal delays. The application pack must include the following:

1. Qualification documents (to be brought along when meeting with FPD)
This minimally includes Transcripts of the last 2 years of schooling/ all years of tertiary study AND the Final Certificate/Diploma issued by Education Department and/or University.
2. Proof of identity (to be brought along when meeting with FPD)
Certified copy of the name page of the Qualification Holder’s official, valid identity document (ID; Passport with Work/Study visa; Asylum Seeker’s or Refugee Permit). This must bear a current stamp certifying it is a true copy of the original document.
3. Application form
A printout of the application form / pro forma invoice that is generated by the online application system. The application form must by fully completed and bear the signature of the applicant and the date of submission.
4. Proof of payment
Proof of Payment of the amount indicated on the application form / pro forma invoice. Payment must be made according to one of the two payment methods allowed (debit /credit card, or bank deposit). Electronic funds transfer (EFT) payments are not accepted by SAQA. The proof of payment must bear the application submission number as reference (found at the top of the application form / pro forma invoice). Without this number the application will not meet our requirements.
5. Consent form
Fully completed Consent Form, signed by the Qualification Holder, which authorises SAQA to verify the authenticity of all qualifications. The proof of payment must bear the application submission number as reference (found at the top of the application form / pro forma invoice). Without this number the application will not meet our requirements.

Also Note

Bank details: SAQA requires the bank details of applicants (i.e. Name of bank, Account holder name, Account number and Type of account) so as to refund monies in the event of non-compliant applications. (To be brought along when meeting with FPD)

The Foreign Professionals Desk has launched online SAQA application support.

Carefully read Phase 1 Infographic and follow the link to the Registration Form. Once you have completed and submitted the Google form, FPD will contact you to schedule a Zoom consultation.

NOTE we cannot move forward until the form has been completed.

For SAQA enquiries, please email

Click on the images to see the SAQA applications phase 1 and 2

SAQA applications phase 1
SAQA applications phase 2
Success Story
Laurence : Prosecutor, Cleaner And Volunteer Through Employment Access Programme
Laurence sought assistance at the Employment Access Programme, which connects documented clients to job opportunities through skill training and professional development. Here, Laurence’s legal qualifications were submitted to the South Africa Qualifications Authority (SAQA) and, whilst awaiting the outcome, she was connected to opportunities in French-English translation – including at a legal conference hosted by the Bertha Foundation.


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