The Building Blocks to Empowerment | #HelpingHandsSGBV

“I would describe Women’s Platform as a space where women learn about who they are and try to grow from there. I would say it is a family, a home. I would also explain it as a journey.”

#HelpingHandsSGBV Information, Resources and Organisations

Our #HelpingHandsSGBV campaign looks at how SGBV in South Africa affects children and adults from other countries. For non-South Africans, there can be extra barriers to reporting SGBV – but there are similarities in their experiences too. #HelpingHandsSGBV aims to provide information on how to better understand, report and get help on issues of SGBV in South Africa.

A painting you cannot imagine: Learning and growing from a difficult marriage | #HelpingHandsSGBV

Maria* says that, a few months ago, this interview would never have happened. Not too long ago, she felt that she was not able to speak to anyone about the abuse that she was facing in her own home. Speaking about this abuse and reaching out has encouraged her journey to healing. Maria hopes that her experiences can now offer hope and strength to people in a similar situation.

Joint Submission to United Nation’s Committee on the Rights of the Child.

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Economic Migration in Africa

This brief explores South Africa's standpoint in the context of economic migration policy across the Africa. We research how 'free movement' is threaded through the establishment and protocols of bodies like the African Union, or Southern African Development Community - and South Africa's position on this.

Asylum, Refugee and Migration Statistics South Africa

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