Promoting human rights through our affordable and socially-responsible Guesthouse

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As Human Rights Day approaches, tourists and travelers can contribute to ensuring migration rights, simply in the accommodation they choose! 

The term ‘conscious travel has a green glimmer to it – one usually thinks of promoting environmental sustainability – but it also encompasses community impact and human rights. The Scalabrini Guesthouse offers affordable accommodation in the heart of Cape Town’s city centre and all of the revenue goes directly to supporting Scalabrini – an organisation which provides vital services to refugees, migrants and South Africans with a vision of fostering peaceful integration between all  

With the December season upon us, people will be traveling around the country to spend time with loved ones. This migration is reflected in the people using Scalabrini’s services: people who have travelled to South Africa in search of a better life for themselves and their loved ones. The simple choice that you make about where to stay in Cape Town can help with making someone’s integration into South Africa a bit easier.  

Lockdown Assistance 

 When the hard lockdown hit South Africa, our welfare team jumped into action to support people who are migrants and refugees, as there was very little government support available to them, and those in informal jobs were hardest hit. The welfare team assessed and assisted over 5,000 people during the hard lockdown and continue to do so now as the lockdown has eased. The Welfare Programme is just one of the areas that the guesthouse revenue supports.  

With many people still feeling overwhelmed by the effects of lockdown and not knowing how they can helpthe Scalabrini Guesthouse offers a solution to this, while also being able to enjoy your time off.  

Heart of the city 

The guesthouse is located in the centre of Cape Town – meaning the beaches, mountains and other attractions are easily accessible. Each room comes with its own bathroom, there is daily housekeeping and laundry services are on offer. A fully-equipped kitchen allows for self-catering, but there are also plenty of great restaurants nearby! 

Contact Us   

Sindiso Hlokomayo – Facilities Manager