Outreach Series – Introduction

The Scalabrini Centre provides a variety of services from its offices in the heart of Cape Town – but did you know our programmes also have an outreach component? Find out more throughout the month of July in our Outreach Series!

Scalabrini offers a variety of programmes to assist local, migrant and refugee communities – from finding work opportunities through the Employment Access Programme, receiving assistance to access essential services with the help of the Welfare Desk, creating a network of women with the Women’s Platform, provoking critical thought and action within youth through the UNITE programme, to learning English, and receiving Advocacy advice.

All of these programmes can be accessed at our office in Commercial Street, a stone’s throw away from Parliament. Most of our clients can be assisted within our office in the city centre, but there are instances in which programmes assist clients by visiting them outside of our offices. These outreach components have had significant success throughout the years. This month’s outreach series will introduce the outreach work of Welfare, UNITE, Advocacy and Women’s Platform and explore the impact they have in local communities around Cape Town.

Photo credit: Nikki Newham