Outreach Series #3: Welfare

The Scalabrini Centre provides a variety of services from its offices in the heart of Cape Town – but did you know our programmes also have an outreach component? Find out more throughout the month of July in our Outreach Series!

Every Tuesday afternoon, Jane and Etienne, the Welfare Programme Officers, visit shelters and the homes of their most vulnerable of clients. ‘Building relationships with the shelters we refer to is important because we want to ensure, that our clients are in good hands’ says Jane – ‘and we are concerned when we don’t hear from some of our clients. We visit them in their house because we want to make sure, that they are ok’

The Scalabrini Welfare team offers assistance to any migrant and refugee in need. Services include home visits to the homes of our most vulnerable clients – an essential component to ensure, that our clients can utilize the services provided by Welfare. The aim of these home visits is to ensure, that clients can become self-sufficient and promote proactive engagement by clients in improving their own circumstances.