Outreach Series #2: UNITE

UNITE explores ideas of identity, integration and diversity with youth living in South Africa

The essential component to the UNITE programme is its weekly visits to its 4 partner school – Heideveld, Sea Point, Vista and Zonnebloem. These on-site visits allow UNITE to take a hands on approach with their students and hence ensure, that the three most significant aspects of UNITE are met:

  • By exploring the theme of identity, youth heighten their awareness of the self and the self within society to better understand the way personal believes shape thought and action.
  • By exploring the theme of integration, youth understand the constructs that keep different social groups separate and use this understanding to build bridges across social divides.
  • By exploring the theme of diversity, UNITE fosters acceptance of differences between people to grow social cohesion and embrace individuality.

When do you feel most integrated/ ‘at home’ in the city?

When I feel most at home is when I am taking my morning hikes, when I go up the mountain. The one I like the most is Lion’s Head because it is the easiest. When you are climbing you can take your time to appreciate nature and the indigenous nature – I feel most at home because I am in touch with mother nature.

When do you feel least integrated in the city?

Actually, I don’t. Wherever I am, I am good at adapting.

What kind of work do you do?