The Grace of the 12-month Grace period for Late Registration of Birth

As a result of the pandemic there was a shift in the policy from requiring birth registration within 30 days to birth registration within 12 months, before increasing requirements in the late registration of birth process. This is an important step in ensuring the Constitutional rights realisation for every child in South Africa.

Zimbabwe Exemption Permit Holders

The Scalabrini Centre is gathering Zimbabwe Exemption Permit information to assist in our advocacy work seeking documentation solutions.

International Education Day

Education is key, education uplifts and builds individuals and society. We need to educate ourselves and others and see the humanity and dignity of all. Everyone in South Africa whatever their nationality, age gender or belief has the right to dignity and is equal before the law.

Mapping of mental health and psychosocial services for children (including children on the move) in the Western Cape

This document has been compiled by the Scalabrini Centre of Cape Town in order to map various services available to children, including children on the move, in respect of mental health and psychosocial support. The document has adopted a wide interpretation of mental health and psychosocial support services so that it includes more conventional mental health programmes and support, such as the SA depression and anxiety group, as well as other wellbeing personal development-related programmes.

“If I can just fix this …this small, small thing…then it can be better” Documentation, systemic violence and telling stories in South Africa

Between 2017-2019, myself and a colleague worked with a small group of women from across the African continent, now living in Johannesburg on an arts-based project entitled Mwangaza Mama.i Each Friday the group would meet to share breakfast, tell stories and work on quilt pieces that we were creating together. During these meetings the women would often talk about the everyday challenges of life in South Africa; of finding work, paying rent, covering school fees, accessing healthcare and staying safe in spaces of high criminality and violence.