Posted time 28 April 2022

Skills required: 

Social work, development work, counselling

Tasks and Responsibilities:

  • Assist the welfare team in making proper assessments in order to offer the best assistance. Strongly recommend having knowledge of different African languages
  • Assist in solution finding for special case/emergency case clients (help in accessing hospitals or clinics, access through the Department of Home Affairs, finding available skills training and support groups, buying emergency supplies, or transport tickets. Some Special Case clients might need help processing their Disability Grant).
  • Referring clients to other sources for help, as appropriate (eg housing and accommodation support services, employment support services, medical health services, psychiatric services, social work services, legal services) using a written referral form
  • Consulting and liaising, as necessary, with other internal and external organisations and individuals to help effect change based on the issues raised by clients and when necessary to escort the client to an external organisation or government offices to ensure that the client is assisted. Therefore a driver’s license is a necessary tool.
  • Attend regular meetings with management / organisational teams
  • Keeping records of all client assessments, referrals, reports, and correspondence (Salesforce)
To apply or for more information please email