#FarFromHome: Adam

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Welcome to our global #FarFromHome series: reflections on covid-19 lockdown from people who are are far from their family and home-country. We hope this brings comfort and reassurance. We chat to Adam, from Syria, who lives in Scotland.

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What brings you inspiration at this time? In my opinion, I hope that God should always accompany us, so I always hope that everyone will be in excellent health and great psychological well-being.

What characteristics of yourself have you relied on to get through this tough time?
I have discipline built in myself, and discipline is best needed to achieve patience, steadfastness and replace negative energies with positive ones.

What keeps you motivated during lockdown? I keep busy with reading books and practicing sports as well as participating in groups to talk about topics aimed at spreading tips in society to benefit everyone.

What other emotions has this period brought for you? It is normal for some people to feel a sort of fear, myself included, and my fear led me to be more protective so that I can protect myself and people around me. But we cannot escape reality: life continues and the problem should be recognized first and not escaping from it.

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What in your life history has made you better able to deal with this situation? In times of crisis, I feel the challenge which makes me more powerful. Despite challenge, boredom and laziness in this period, by taking advantage of my time in doing useful and entertaining things, I will be able to cope.

Has this experience changed your interaction with your neighbours or community? This tough experience brought me closer to people by communicating with them through social media as the work pressures in non-crisis times did not grant me enough time to communicate.

What is your message to people who are living Far From Home during this time? My advice or message is the following: If we think a little and ask ourselves what the positive results of unity are, we will realize that our best bet is to get rid of the negativity in us by replacing it with other positive things. We must have hope and optimism at this time and stay strong to maintain our health. Life only continues with hope and love between us.

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Made possible with the participation from the Mental Health Foundation, who has specific resources on mental health during the covid-19 lockdown.

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