Do you know the difference between a refugee and a migrant?

Scalabrini has published two posters that clarify the difference between a refugee and a migrant.
The posters also seek to raise awareness around the rights and responsibilities of migrants and refugees in South Africa.

These are free resources that other organisations and individuals can use to raise awareness and educate around the issue. Feel free to download, print or share these posters!

When do you feel most integrated/ ‘at home’ in the city?

When I feel most at home is when I am taking my morning hikes, when I go up the mountain. The one I like the most is Lion’s Head because it is the easiest. When you are climbing you can take your time to appreciate nature and the indigenous nature – I feel most at home because I am in touch with mother nature.

When do you feel least integrated in the city?

Actually, I don’t. Wherever I am, I am good at adapting.

What kind of work do you do?

I am in the final year of a four-year chef internship here at Mount Nelson Hotel. I would like, in the future, to work in other places like Johannesburg, cruise ships, even France. That is my dream.

Do you feel like you are contributing to Cape Town in any way? If so, how?

Right now, no – but I think I have served a substantial amount of hours to community work in the past. I used to volunteer in old age homes. This is where I found my passion and drive for cooking – I would go after church on a Sunday and I used to cook for them or wash their dishes.

Have you ever gone back to Angola?

No. Not in nineteen years. I would like to go and give back.

What do you wish other Capetonians knew about you?

I want people to know that I have a vision. That I have a fast metabolism for growth.

I want them to know that I want to stimulate the mind-set of people that are willing to join the movement — the movement to take the city forward to its highest point. I know I am young, but only God can judge me. I just imagine all of us united and eating for the same table. I know it sounds crazy but I think it is possible.