Entries by Olivia

Emiel – Advocacy volunteer

Emiel came to South Africa wanting to put his theoretical knowledge into practise. His time at Scalabrini has not only enhanced his skills and personal development, but it has also opened his eyes. He spent six months volunteering in the Advocacy Programme. Read about his time at Scalabrini.

Beza – EAP volunteer

I was born in Canada but grew up in Colorado, and ended up going out-of-state for college in North Carolina! I am currently a junior at Duke University, pursuing a double-major in African American Studies and Political Science. I ended up at Scalabrini through my study abroad program, and currently serve as an EAP intern. I chose this program specifically because I was drawn to the idea of having a hands-on internship experience, and I’ve definitely gotten that.

Laura Hickson – EAP volunteer

I remember sitting in a cafe not too far from Scalabrini and researching potential NGO’s. When I came across Scalabrini, I was really impressed with the work they do and wanted to contribute however I could. Read more about Laura’s experience.

Manon – Women’s Platform volunteer

Manon’s studies have focused on peace building and conflict resolution, which has led her to work with refugees quite a bit. When it came time to find an internship, she was pointed in the direction of Scalabrini. Here she spent time with the Women’s Platform. Read more about her six months here.

Jennifer – BASP, WP & EAP volunteer

Jennifer says that her time at Scalabrini has opened her eyes to important issues, namely, the migrant system and xenophobia in South Africa.

Natalia – All Rounder volunteer

Natalia reflects on how Scalabrini has enriched her career experience and allowed her to be more creative and open to things, opportunities and people. She spent her six months here as an All Rounder. Read more about her experience.