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Stella: Lessons of Strength and Independence From Lawrence House

Stella, 21, arrived in South Africa in 2008 after migrating from the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) with her uncle. After adjusting to life in Cape Town, Stella was ready to resume her education; she and her uncle looked to Lawrence house, a child and youth care center registered with the Department of Social Development, for support. Lawrence house specializes in the care and protection of unaccompanied foreign minors and refugee children, as well as children who have experienced trauma.

Zam Zam: Empowering Women’s Platform With Education

Zam Zam, an active member of Scalabrini’s Women’s Platform, has found her calling as an advocate for integration. Her leadership skills, coupled with a strong sense of identity, have served as an impactful combination.

Marie: Fighting for papers with Advocacy

Marie*, 64, and her grand-daughter Bibi*, 12, survived an extremely traumatic journey to South Africa. Slowly, the pair are starting to rebuild their lives in Cape Town – with documentation assistance from the Advocacy Programme.

Lucien: Rebuilding a family through Welfare

After seeking asylum in South Africa in 2009, Lucien needed support and guidance to rebuild his life in South Africa. We take a look at Lucien’s journey with the Scalabrini Welfare programme and how this has helped him rebuild his family.