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Angola Special Permit update

This information is for those ACP holders who have applied for an Angolan Special Permit (‘ASP’) through VFS.

Woman here, woman there

Two women from the Democratic Republic of Congo and Angola describe women’s rights and realities in their home country compared with their experiences in South Africa.

Three insights on migration: Sarita

The team at The Scalabrini Centre of Cape Town (SCCT) works with migrants and refugees every day. With such deep expertise at hand, we take the opportunity to reflect on migration with them. This month we speak to Sarita, who volunteered with the Employment Access for four months.

Sarita saw how harnessing the skills that migration brings could benefit South Africa – and Africa as a whole.

A butterfly effect: How English School’s WhatsApp classes contributed to research on mining and indigenous rights in Brazil

Adriana, who is based in Brazil, studies transitional justice and the impact of mining companies on indigenous people in the Amazon. When she came to Cape Town to compare the findings of her research in Brazil with indigenous people from Southern Africa, she realized that her abilities in English were hindering the research. This realization led her to Scalabrini’s English School – which opened up her world to the melting pot of South Africa.

Education and new opportunities with UpLearn

Before coming to South Africa, Charlotte never imagined that she would be able to further her education past high school. A chance encounter with a stranger in a taxi led Charlotte to Scalabrini – she now holds a BA degree in Management specializing in Logistics and Operations.

From silence to empowerment with Adonis Musati | #HelpingHandsSGBV

As the manager of the counseling centre and Women’s Empowerment Programme at Adonis Musati Project, Sylvie Mbebe has been the first point of contact for many people affected by sexual and gender-based violence (SGBV). The Women’s Empowerment Programme focuses on reasons abuse could happen, facing abuse in a country that is not your home and how to move from being a victim to seeking help and even becoming an advocate against SGBV.

#HelpingHandsSGBV Information, Resources and Organisations

Our #HelpingHandsSGBV campaign looks at how SGBV in South Africa affects children and adults from other countries. For non-South Africans, there can be extra barriers to reporting SGBV – but there are similarities in their experiences too. #HelpingHandsSGBV aims to provide information on how to better understand, report and get help on issues of SGBV in South Africa.