Cape Town the right to information day access to information is a necessity for migrants and refugees in south africa

The Right to Information Day: Access to information a necessity for Migrants and Refugees in South Africa

First celebrated in 2016[1], the Right to Information Day is the youngest of children in a large family of siblings: older brothers and sisters include Human Rights or Woman’s Rights Day and the upcoming International Day of the Girl Child on the 5th of October 2017.

Cape Town say hello to the future leaders of south africa

Say Hello to the future leaders of South Africa!

With a local focus, the UNITE program of the Scalabrini Centre aims to develop and improve skills in leadership and community activism and to encourage young learners to think critically about their contribution to their communities in South African Society.

Cape Town Unaccompanied And Separated Migrant Children In Southern Africa

Unaccompanied and Separated Migrant Children in Southern Africa

Cape Town Celebrating international day of peace in a South African context

Celebrating International Day of Peace in a South African context

Today the Scalabrini Centre of Cape Town celebrates the International Day of Peace – which, this year, has been dedicated to the safety and respect for refugees and migrants. We celebrate the relative peace that South Africa can offer those fleeing conflict, and encourage the government to continue providing refuge in the future to those that need it.

Cape Town High Court Rules on South Africa Citizen Act

High Court Rules on South Africa Citizenship Act

The Western Cape High Court has taken a decision about citizenship in South Africa.
The Legal Resources Centre represented six applicants in their case, Miriam Ali vs The Minister of Home Affairs (case 15566/2016), which looked at the applicability of a clause pertaining to children born in South Africa to foreign parents.

Cape Town ACP Applicants who need new VFS appointment

ACP applicants who need new VFS appointment

Information for those ACP clients who did NOT go to their VFS appointment only.